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March 31, 2011: We returned yesterday from a 19 day African safari to the beautiful bush countries of Botswana and Zambia, which encompasses one of the "seven natural wonders of the world," the magnificent and powerful Victoria Falls. As many of you know, it was our third trip to southern Africa in a period of 4 1/2 years, and we managed to shoot 793 video clips encompassing several hours, and almost 1000 photos at the same time. We chose not to carry our large SONY PMW-EX3 on the many bush flights in fixed wing aircraft with limited space available, but instead opted to shoot in full hi def on SONY's latest compact HiDef camera, the amazing HXR-MC50, and almost 1000 photos on our trusty Nikon 200, coupled with a 500 mm telephoto lens. As time permits, we will begin to add video clips and photos from this trip to the Nature page of the website, which we hope to split into a page exclusively for video and photos from the beautiful, exciting and exotic southern part of Africa, now having visited Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and Zambia, with clear views into Namibia and Zimbabwe.

December 31, 2008:  A Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year to All!!
To our many friends all over the world- A Big Thank You from Stuart and Nancy!
We are happy to report that in 2008, we received, on this website, in excess of 1,634,500 hits from around the globe. It is our promise to you, as long as we can, to continue to add interesting videos, photos and stories from the four corners of our world. It is our fervent prayer that Peace and Happiness return to all who desire freedom from war, poverty and sickness.
"Legal Eagle Productions is the end product of a half century of photography, cinematography and videography of Stuart Namm, a retired New York State County Judge, now residing and working on the coastal marsh of Southeastern North Carolina, known as "Cape Fear." All videography, photography and final editing is the work of the Judge."

17th Infantry Regiment The BuffaloesLegal Eagle Productions is the end product of a half century of photography, cinematography and videography of Stuart Namm, a retired New York State County Judge, now residing and working on the coastal marsh of Southeastern North Carolina, known commonly as "Cape Fear," and the mountains of Western North Carolina, a part of the Southern Appalachians. All videography, photography and final editing is the work product of the Judge, and is copy protected by US copyright, and is not to be duplicated in any form without the express permission of Stuart Namm and Legal Eagle Productions.

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[NOTE dated June 5, 2006 from Stuart Namm: For the last three months, due to a change in Internet servers, we have been unable to edit any of the pages of our website, except to add text. Nevertheless, during this period, we have continued to conduct interviews and collect photographs and other memorabilia for the 17th Infantry in Korea project; screen documentaries like The Musical Treasures of the Southern Appalachi'ns at local lbraries, enhance our Nature photography library; contribute two Appalachian music documentaries to the musical archives of Mars Hills College in Mars Hills, North Carolina, and generally continue the work which we have been doing from the outset. Our only regret is that, during this period, we have been unable to share our work with you, our very supportive and loyal viewers. Hopefully, and with the grace of God, this glitch will be corrected soon, and we will be able to get back to bringing this very dynamic website back to where it was and beyond when the problem, which was out of our control first began.]           Legal Eagle Productions, Stuart Namm, Creative Dirctor.



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This website is dedicated to the memory of Lenore Rhona Namm and Terry Lynn Middleswarth, both of whose lives, while very rich, were all too short. They will never be forgotten by those who knew and loved them. They will be forever in our hearts.


The latest video project completed and copyrighted by Legal Eagle Productions is a two hour documentary entitled: "The Musical Treasures of the Southern Appalach'ans of the Carolinas." Video clips and photos from this project for your enjoyment can now be viewed on the Documentaries page of this website. They are clips of a very special group of people who have helped to ensure the continuation of the great tradition of traditional Southern Appalachian music and dance. We hope that you will take a moment to suck in some of the truly great treasures of Southern Appalachian culture.

"Musical Treasures" had its first public screening at the Pender County Public Library in Hampstead, North Carolina before an enthusiastic,"standing room only," overflow audience.

Feedback: The audience fell in love with the music, but most of all the "treasures," all over age 70, and their incredible stories of growing up in the magnificent Southern Appalachian Mountains of the Carolinas.

Because it was necessary to turn away many persons at the premiere screening, it was screened once again on May 19, 2006 at the Hampstead Library to another appreciative and enthusiastic audience.


 Please Note: The first public performance of this documentary took place on February 16, 2006, at 6:30 PM, at the Hampstead branch of the Pender County Public Library on Highway 17, Hampstead, North Carolina.  

The first public screening of "The Musical Treasures...." was a great success, playing to an overflow and very enthusiastic audience at the Hampstead, North Carolina, Public Library. There were several persons who, unfortunately, had to be turned away at the door, and audience members could be seen sitting on the floor, and in the hallway. We plan to do a second screening at the library, but no new date has been set. Watch this space for dates and places of more free screenings.


                                 November 9, 2008

Nancy and I just returned from our second trip to East Africa, specifically the nation of Tanzania. We had been to Tanzania in November 2006. We loved it, but the trip was too short, as that trip encompassed both Kenya and Tanzania, and it was only about eleven days on the ground. This time, we were away more than three weeks, much of the time with our great guide and friend, Baraza Salaho of "Bushbuck Safaris" in Arusha. He had been our guide two years ago in Tanzania, and he was one of the main reasons that we returned again. Once again, it was just Nancy, Baraza and myself in an open sided Toyota Land Cruiser. I am now in the process of editing the 1000+ photos, and over six hours of high definition video. While many pictures and video of our previous safari can be found on the "Nature" page of this website, it is my intention to create a page solely related to Africa and its wildlife. One real highlight of the trip was my video interviews on November 4, our Election Day, of everyday citizens of Dar es Salaam, the Tanzanian capitol, and to hear their reaction to Barack Obama's bid to become America's first African American President. That too will be added to the website as the editing process moves along apace.

Meanwhile, we wish the best of luck to our President-elect. He will be a pleasant change for our nation, but he has his work cut out for him. However, we believe that he is up to this great task!

Back to Africa

We are happy to report that we will be returning to Africa, God willing, in March 2011 for the third time in little over four years. Both of our previous safaris took us to the great East African countries of Kenya and Tanzania. This time, we have opted for a change which will take us to Botswana and Zambia (home of the great Victoria Falls). It is even possible that we may take a day trip from Victoria Falls to the homeland of our wonderful visitor in the summer of 2009, Yamurai "Mary" Lukas, the somewhat troubled country of Zimbabwe. Each of these countries, under previous British rule, were parts of Rhodesia, and Botswana, in particular, the home of the vast Kalahari desert, are blessed with vast numbers of wildlife in their game reserves and national parks. We are certain that our cameras and video cameras will be kept very busy! At age 77, sadly this will probably be my last trip to Africa!

17th Infantry in Korea project

On September 16, 2006, at the reunion of the 17th Infantry Association at the Silverwood Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO, there will be a premiere screening of an early version of Part I of our work in progress, the documentary: Men of Courage, the 17th Infantry Regiment in a "Forgotten War." The documentary is curtrently one hour and three minutes in length, and is expected to be at least two hours in length at completion in the summer of 2007. It presently covers the period between 1949 in Japan through the summer of 1951, and it includes the Inchon and Iwon invasions, the march to the Yalu, Thanksgiving on the Manchurian border, the evacuation at Hungnam and Operation Killer under Gen. Ridgeway.

Additional interviews of 17th Infantry Regiment veterans of the Korean War continue, and there will be interviews conducted at the reunion.



The Shindig and Musical Treasures documentaries

On November 17, 2006, at 6;30 PM, at Mars Hill College, in the heart of the North Carolina mountains, there will be a free gala screening of both documentaries for the faculty of the college, the student boday and the local community. There is non-reserved seating for 100, so please come early to ensure a seat. It is expected that many of the persons featured in the documentaries will be present to meet and greet you, and perhaps, to entertain you.

The creative director and videographer, Stuart Namm, and the executive producer, Nancy Namm, will tell how these documentaries came to be born. The show is expected to last about 3 1/2 hours with an intermission.

****The Flying W Wranglers****

As part of the entertainment at the 2006 Reunion of the 17th Infantry Association, the group had occasion to visit the "Flying W Ranch" in Colorado Springs. Besides the quaint pioneer style buildings and the delicious barbeque dinner, we were treated to a old time Western cowboy musical show. The one hour plus show featured the very talented and entertaining "Flying W Wranglers," who were gracious enough to allow me to videotape almost all of their show. Their style and music was a throwback to the great Roy Rogers, Bob Nolan and "The Sons of the Pioneers" featured in many of the classic cowboy western movies of the fabulous '50's.  You can learn more about the very talented Flying W Wranglers and thir music, and have an opportunity to purchase their very entertaining and nostalgic CD's, on their website at: .

The boys have been kind enough to grant me permission to let you view some of their show, which features some of the Association mmbers at the 2006 reunion. The clip can be seen and heard at the following link:


April 2008

Nancy and I have just returned from four nights in Williamsburg, Virginia, attending the reunion of her high school class in Wiesbaden, Germany, the 1963 class of Gen, H. H. "Hap" Arnold High School. It was a wonderful four days and three nights of a gathering of "military brats," most all of whom were children of former members of the United States Air Force. It even included a group telephone call to Priscilla Presley of Beverly Hills, who was likewise a member of that class. Nancy and Priscilla were in the same "home room class" in 1962 and 1963, before Priscilla returned to the United States to marry "the king of rock and roll." Both were adorned with beautiful long hair-Priscilla's dark black, and Nancy's platinum blond, and they enjoyed doing hairstyles together in the girls' room. There is no reunion like the reunion of "military brats!"

On our way to the Williamsburg reunion, we visited with Rabbi Ben Romer and his beautiful wife Karen at their new home in Richmond, VA. We finally had the opportunity to finish the videotaping for the thirty minute documentary, "The Rebetzin Pumps Iron." For the first time, we were treated to the huge display of Karen's body building trophies. It was great seeing them again. They are truly missed by many in North Carolina, but they are very happy.



February 7, 2010

Since Spring of 2009, after acquiring a SONY PMW-EX3 full 1920x1080 high definition camera, we began to work on one of our most ambitious projects, "The Waterfalls of the Southern Appalachians." Although I have had a small vacation home in the mountains since 1989, Nancy and I have been exploring places that I had never seen, or even known about. We began in the Spring, because in January 2009, Nancy had both knees replaced, and by Spring, her legs were strong enough to climb up hills and hike long dirt trails. Last month, we were in the mountains again shooting one of the most spectacular falls surrounded by deep snow, large icicles and ice. Shortly, I will begin to add some photos and video clips to the website.

Stuart Namm



December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays to all! Just returned from 26 day cruise to the Amazon River on ms Prinsendam. Either we spent too much time on the river-six days-or global warming is a fact of life. Saw only one blue hummingbird, and no animals, unless they were attached to a string to encourage monetary gifts. It was a great disappointment, especially viewing a huge, brown colored river. More to come!